I recently built Mahjong Party, an online multiplayer Singaporean mahjong game.

Here's a screenshot of a game in progress:

Screenshot of a mahjong party game in progress

If you're interested, you can head over to https://mahjong.party/ and give the tutorial a try, or jump into a game immediately with some bots!

The rest of this post will just be some thoughts I had while working on this project.

Miscellaneous thoughts

This wasn't my first attempt at building a multiplayer game online, I previously tried creating a bughouse xiangqi game, but gave up after running into challenges around UI design and backend state management.

Rather than websockets, Mahjong Party uses a combination of server-sent events and standard HTTP requests for client-server communication.

I went with React for the frontend because I'm not familiar with frontend development at all and wanted to stick to a relatively boring technology.

Regarding online Singaporean mahjong, I realised I was late to the party—this came out during the circuit breaker and seems to have been pretty well received:

Created a website to play Singaporean style Mahjong with friends!

Wrap up

Once again, do check out Mahjong Party and invite your friends to play too if you are interested! I'd really appreciate it. Here's the link again:

Mahjong Party
Play Singaporean mahjong online with friends

It's not finished yet, but definitely in a playable state and I thought that it would be good to get some user testing in before I continue development. You can reach out to me directly or leave feedback on the GitHub repository:

Play Singaporean mahjong online with friends