Recently, I read an article about the history of the Vim text editor:

Where Vim Came From
Tracing the long lineage of software that brought us Vim.

I found the following excerpt from the article rather amusing:

There are major websites, including Facebook, that will scroll down when you press the j key and up when you press the k key—–the unlikely high-water mark of Vim’s spread through digital culture.

This inspired me to add support for navigating my blog with vi commands as well!

The following commands are supported:

  • j: Move down one line
  • k: Move up one line
  • }: Move forward one paragraph
  • {: Move backward one paragraph
  • G: Jump to the bottom of the page
  • gg or 1G: Jump to the top of the page

The (rather crude) implementation can be found at /js/vi.js. It is highly coupled to my blog's structure though.

While implementing this functionality on my blog, I looked around to see what else allowed you to use vi-style navigation on the internet, and came across a few:

You can find a more comprehensive list over at the Vim Tips Wikia.